Q&A with store owner, Sarah Woodworth

Why did you want to own your own business?

Owning a clothing boutique is something I’ve dreamt about since high school and knew I would make a reality at some point in my future.  I spent hours talking to my husband and parents about the idea, but was encouraged to wait until my kids were grown, because “you have your whole life ahead of you!”  Just 4 months later, at 30, I lost my father to cancer, and realized I may not have all the time in the world!    With the support of my husband, mother, and Monkee’s Franchising, we made the dream a reality. As a longtime shopper of other Monkee’s locations, I would walk into their stores and think to myself, “Lexington & Louisville REALLY need one of these!!”  I knew how well respected the Monkee’s name is in the southeast, both amongst the designers and customers, and I really liked their business model.  I wanted to be a part of something with a solid infrastructure and a successful track record.   So… within 18 months of losing my father, I was a small business owner—silver linings! And 11 years later, have THREE locations: Monkee's of Lexington, Monkee's of Louisville & Monkee's of Naples (FL)!

What sets you apart from other boutiques?

Monkee’s is unique in that it isn’t just another clothing & shoe boutique—we’re a “one stop shop”! My customers know they will not only find the perfect dress and shoes for any occasion from casual to black tie, but they will also walk out with beautiful jewelry, a stylish handbag and lingerie to complete the look.  We also  carry extensive gift and accessory lines; customers know that they can always find a unique, special gift at Monkee’s—whether it be a luscious cashmere White & Warren travel wrap, a handmade/one-of-a-kind Indie Green necklace, a set of hand painted wine glasses, or a Bamboo Nest candle.  The best compliment I’ve ever received was when Styleblueprint of Louisville referred to us a “mini Nordstrom”.  

What is your proudest accomplishment?

My family: a strong, happy marriage to my college sweetheart, Michael, and two kind, intelligent, and beautiful children, Lucy & William.  Being a small business owner has allowed me to pursue my passion and also be present in my children’s lives- truly an invaluable gift!